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How to Be a Foster Parent in South Carolina

    • 1). Call the Department of Social Services for the county in which you reside. You will be sent forms to provide the department with your name, address and phone number and a notification explaining the requirements you must meet to become a foster parent.

    • 2). Attend an orientation meeting and all required training classes. The forms you received will notify you of the date of the next training classes as well as an orientation class for prospective foster parents. You must complete 14 hours of training classes, which are offered by the Department of Social Services.

    • 3). Complete a county foster parent application and submit it to the Department of Social Services within your county. You will be asked to provide three references from those who have known you for at least three years. The application will also ask you to submit a copy of a birth certificate, Social Security card, driver's license and marriage license. If you were a member of the military you must also submit your military discharge papers. Any potential foster parent who has been divorced must also provide a copy of all divorce petitions and decrees.

    • 4). Complete two home visits by a family assessment specialist with the Department of Social Services. Your home also will need to be inspected by the fire and heath departments.

    • 5). Submit a child factors checklist to the Department of Social Services. This checklist tells the department what type of characteristics or background you want the foster child to have. Such characteristics or background could include types of disabilities, behaviors or other issues related to either the child or the parents of the child.

    • 6). Provide current medical reports of all members of the potential foster parent's family to the Department of Social Services. The department will screen these records for any type of condition or disease that may preclude a foster child from residing with you in your home.

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