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Enjoy Scenic Beauty of Dubai Creek

A dhow cruise Dubai tour will give you chance to spend a romantic evening with a person who matters the most to you. You are in a position to enjoy an unforgettable evening with her. This tour does not only allow you to add some fun into your gloomy life but also lets you to explore scenic beauty of Dubai Creek.

If you don't have any idea about Dubai Creek then it is good to know that it is considered popularly known as "Focal point of Dubai". In past, dhows were used by fishers and pearl divers. In addition, merchants used them for carrying goods from Arabian Gulf to other parts of world especially Asian countries. They loaded spices on dhows and took them to another country just for trading purpose. At present, this scenario has changed to a great extent. Now traditional dhows have been become a tourist portal not that of a trader's hub.
The people who come to Dubai for spending their holidays often book a dhow cruise trip that allows them to start exploring Dubai Creek, a salt water inlet. There are, generally, two main packages related to a dhow cruise trip such as morning dhow cruising and dhow cruising in the evening. Both packages give tourists a chance to discover the best places of Dubai Creek yet evening package brings an additional feature in the form of Dhow cruise dinner. Although refreshment is offered in the morning but a buffet dinner of night cruising package is quite delicious.

No matter what package you choose, you find it very simple to see the exotic locations of a creek like Dubai Museum, Al-Fahidi Fort, Chamber of Commerce, Heritage village and other splendid landmark. As far as Al-Fahidi Fort is concerned, it is good to know that this fort is the oldest traditional architecture of Dubai. Inside this fort, there is a Dubai Museum that stores old military, cultural, traditional art and jewelry items, which provide an insight into the Dubai's Heritage and culture. The Heritage Village clearly tells you the way with which ancestors of this city spent their lives in old days.

IâEUR(TM)m sure that you get amazed when you will see the majestic scenic areas of Dubai creek through a dhow cruise Dubai. So book your tour today and enjoy the color landmark of the city in the nighttime from the Persian Gulf.

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