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Dse Fuel Wins Nicole Her High School Science Competition!

One of the biggest events at Union High School every year is the science competition. The smartest kids in town work all year designing something mechanical that can be used in daily life. The winner gets a $25,000 scholarship to the college of his or her choice, and the gymnasium is always filled to capacity the day of the event.

Nicole finished in the top five each of her first three years. But she was a senior now, and she wanted to win. She received trophies for finishing in the top five, which was nice, but it was that $25,000 she wanted. After all, she was just accepted to UCLA as a science major, and that scholarship money would help out Nicole and her family big-time.

There was just three months left till the competition, and although Nicole had been thinking about it all year, she just didn't have any ideas yet. Last year, she designed an alarm clock that would jump off of the night-table and onto the ground when the alarm went off, so that you would be forced to actually get out of bed and chase it around the room instead of just being able to reach over and hit the snooze button. Chasing that clock around the room would be sure to wake someone up in the morning!

But that idea got Nicole third place, and she knew she would need something better to win that scholarship money this year. So she jumped on the Internet in search of some new ideas, and she came across a company called Diesel Secret Energy. She was amazed at what she was reading - a company that enabled you to make your own diesel fuel at home using boiler oil waste and cooking oil waste! This was exactly what Nicole needed - an idea that would not only help people save money on their own diesel gas, but also help the environment. The judges would love it!

Finally, the big day came. Nicole had received permission to enter the gymnasium the night before to set up her fuel making station. Everyone wondered what Nicole had in store when they saw her work station. When Nicole's name was called, it was her time to shine! She explained to everyone how she had created a machine that could create diesel fuel using old vegetable oil. She demonstrated how easy the process was by mixing a few other ingredients in a large plastic garbage can, and also told about how this process helps prevent drain oil system waste and convert furnace oil waste.

The judges were blown away, and Nicole was awarded 1st prize, and her $25,000 scholarship!

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