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Mouthpieces for Sleep Apnea - How They Work

Sleep apnea and the role of mouthpieces When a person sleeps the muscle tissue that supports the throat, oral cavity, thorax relaxes and the airway and/throat contracts giving a smaller passage for the air to flow as your breathe.
If it is partially obstructed enough snoring may happen as body parts vibrate.
Apnea is even more serous condition than snoring in that the obstruction is total so a person can't breathe.
The body reacts by have the person gasping for breath, this wakes a person up (causes the muscle tissue to be at normal "awake" status) and happens numerous times as a person with sleeps.
With this problem you not only have the problem of quality and quality of sleep, also this condition can put a strain on the heart.
This type of condition is called obstructive sleep apnea.
The role of the mouthpiece is to tighten up the muscles structures of the throat and oral cavity by pushing the lower jaw forward.
This is designed to keep the airway open while you sleep.
How to know if a mouthpiece is a solution If you have moderate or mild sleep apnea this may be the right solution the plus are it is much more inexpensive than CNAP machine and any surgical option.
The device may work your physical makeup to clear your air way from obstructions enough to limit and/or eliminate the obstruction in the airway.
These may be also beneficial for snoring reduction as well.
You will only know for sure by trying and this may involve experimentation between different mouthpiece types and brands, Different fittings and choices The different mouthpiece types and choices revolve around primarily how specialty made the device is made to your physical characteristics.
The first kind and the more generic is the out of the box kind can be bought over the counter or on the internet.
With this type of device the fittings are not as specific for you.
Having this work for you can be a least expensive option.
There is a second option which is do a fitting yourself and send the impression back to a company that will produce the item, this mostly done through the internet.
And the last most expensive but most custom fitted mouth piece is one that through a dentist or orthodontist.
Potential problems and challenges in using this product As with any sleep apnea aid there can tend to be potential problems with using this devices.
One of the most common is if you nasal congestion you may have the mouthpiece fall out when trying to breathe through the mouth.
Another problem is the device may not be comfortable to wear; it may not fit properly or cause irritation to the gums and/or teeth.
If you have a more generic mouthpiece you may need to consider a more custom fitted type.
Conclusion Mouthpieces may be just what you need to cure your sleep apnea.
By understanding the types and principles in which they work can be a possibility to help you with reducing or eliminating sleep apnea

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