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New Home Warranty Act in Louisiana

    Overview of New Home Warranty Act

    • The New Home Warranty Act in Louisiana extends coverage only to new home buyers who purchase a newly constructed house. Houses built for another homebuyer who never moved into the house typically qualify. Coverage also extends to any buyer who purchases the house from the original buyer while the warranty period is still active, so coverage can be transferred to other buyers.

    Length of Warranty

    • The total warranty period for new homebuyers is five years, however, not everything is covered for the entire duration. Warranty coverage has three levels: first-year, second-year and fifth-year coverage. Some parts are only covered for the duration of the first year of the warranty, after which coverage expires. Others are covered for the entire five years.

    One-Year Coverage

    • During the first year of the warranty period, all flaws or defects that exhibit due to the builder's noncompliance with local and state building codes are covered. The warranty also extends coverage to any "shoddy" or substandard performance or work on the builder's part not explicitly covered under state and local codes.

    Two-Year Coverage

    • Electrical parts, plumbing, heating/cooling and ventilation systems are covered until the end of the second year. Again, this includes any flaws or defects that exhibit in the electrical, plumbing, or temperature systems due to noncompliance with building codes, and substandard work not explicitly covered under any codes.

      Excluded from coverage are any electrical appliances, such as dishwashers, washer/dryer units, stoves, ovens. However, these are typically covered under warranty by the manufacturer.

    Five-Year Coverage

    • Structural defects, including flaws or defects in the house's frame or foundation, are covered under the warranty act until the end of the fifth year of ownership. Structural defects are defined by the act as "any load-bearing parts of the home, such as the foundation, footing, beams, walls, partitions, floor, and roof frame... that causes the house to become unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise uninhabitable under reasonable circumstances."


    • The New Home Warranty Act includes exclusions. This includes things such as landscaping, driveways, walkways, fencing and any other external structure that is not a part of the main house. These structures may be protected by any additional warranty that the builder extends to you, however, so discuss the matter with your builder to see what is and is not covered by any guarantee you are offered.

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