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How to Write Hilarious Text Messages

    • 1). Keep the messages short to ensure maximum humor. Hilarious text messages shouldn't ramble on forever and ever and break up the text message into different sections. Most text messages are limited to 160 characters, and if you go beyond that a hilarious text message starts to become unwieldy. If you send a message that is beyond 160 characters, it can affect the order in which the recipient receives the joke, sometimes causing him or her to receive the last part of the joke first, which reveals the punchline. Keep your hilarious text messages short to ensure they stay in order and aren't rambling.

    • 2). When you are writing a hilarious text message, it should be a clever quip or a two- to three-sentence joke with a quick punchline. If you can find something relevant that may be an inside joke or a topic of humor, then by all means respond with something like that. The point is to send something that will get the other person laughing right away, not something they will have to think about and decipher.

    • 3). Check for spelling mistakes if you are going to write hilarious text messages. Nothing takes away from the humor more than when you can't even understand what someone wrote and no one wants to try and make sense of a bunch of nonsense, so keep it understandable and as error free as possible.

    • 4). Be fast with your comeback or joke to make sure your text message is still funny. If you wait too long or lose the moment or flow of the conversation then you will lose some of the effect of your hilarious text messages too.

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