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How to Use a Palm Nailer

    • 1). Check to make sure the air compressor can handle 50 to 125 psi of pressure. Connect the back of the palm nailer to the compressor hose. Plug the compressor into an electrical outlet.

    • 2). Load the nail into the tip of the loader in the proper position. The tip of the nailer is magnetized to keep the nail in place.

    • 3). Strap the palm nailer around your wrist. Grip the tool firmly by the body in the palm of your hand. Position the opening of the nailer over the spot to be nailed. Apply pressure to begin nailing.

    • 4). Use the dial on the compressor to adjust pressure, if needed. Turn the dial to the right to increase pressure and to the left to decrease pressure.

    • 5). Continue applying pressure until the nail is driven to the desired depth. Repeat these steps to drive other nails.

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