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Sonic The Blue Blur Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game character developed by Sega some 20 years ago. The idea behind its creation was to compete with the Mario character, a popular mascot for the Nintendo suite of games. The rising success of the mascot is due to various changes that have taken place in the little characters life due to constant updating and new releases of the game. Sonic the character is 15 years old and was born on the Christmas islands although most of his adventures play off in the South Island. As his name suggests, his most powerful attribute is the fact that he can travel at Mach1 the speed of sound. Once in the game though, players quickly discover that when in possession of a chaos crystal, Sonic can literally bend the laws of time and space too. Due to a misapprehension by one of his creators though, Sonic has one glaring weakness. He cannot swim. In fact, when in water he sinks straight to the bottom and cannot be brought back up. This can be avoided though by travelling at full speed, which allows him to physically run on water. Sonic is also able to lose all his powers when entering the special zone. This is not dissimilar to the chamber Super Man enters in the second film in order to marry Lois Lane as Clarke Kent. Sonic can also change his character when acquiring 7 chaos emeralds. At this point he assumes the role of Dark Spine Sonic, a purple version of himself with various additional abilities.

The Blue Blur is not by himself, his girlfriends name is Amy Rose. He also has a robotic brother named Metal Sonic. Many people speculate as to why, after 20 years, countless comics, movies and television programs Sonic remains both popular and extremely addictive to new generations. Many assume that part of the success of the brand is the fact that there are constant updates and new game releases that keep up with the requirements of modern gamers. In addition, the fact that Sega welcomes the development of open-source flash games using the character means that many gamers are introduced to the character before needing to buy the game. Regardless of the various reasons for its success, Sonic the Hedgehog continues to net a massive amount of revenue for SEGA. The simple game MO includes the classic system of various levels in various settings. Levels ascend with increasing difficulty as new powers are adopted and points are accumulated. The simplicity of this system and its fresh permutations mean that a Sonic fan will never run out of interesting new challenges. In addition, as the games are only released every two years or so, many have turned to the flash games freely available online.

Sonic the Hedgehog is here to stay for years to come and continue to break the boundaries of modern video gaming. This is evident in the fact that his popularity now far surpasses his original rival, Mario. Team Sonic, at SEGA have made it quite clear that they intend to continue pushing the boundaries of what this blue little spiky character can accomplish.

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