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Give Artworks A New Place In Your Life

It sometimes seems to me that the pace of life can be rather too quick. We spend so much time worrying about work and the stresses of daily life, meaning that we are unable to concentrate on other elements.

Within this context, I often feel that it's artistic and cultural elements that tend to suffer. There may be a tendency to feel that such exploits have little value, particularly since they can be hard to quantify. Exactly how much enjoyment do you derive, for example, from looking at a sculpture?

That's a question that we may struggle to answer in a meaningful manner, although it certainly doesn't mean that the value of such activities can be dismissed. Unfortunately, this is a message that some people find hard to understand.

Is a lack of comprehension the root cause of the problem? That might be somewhat unfair, since many of us are aware of the fact that such aspects of life are being sidelined. This does not mean that we are happy with the situation, or that we do not wish to make changes. Finding the opportunity to do so, however, is not always as easy as it could be.

So how can you go about making changes? My own feeling is that you really need to show a commitment to improving circumstances and this must begin with a full appraisal of your current situation. Why aren't you, for example, spending more time doing the things that you enjoy?

In order to answer that question, it may be appropriate to think about what you want to be doing and what you currently find yourself doing. Those are likely to be two different areas of life and will reflect a set of mixed priorities. The need to get things done, since you believe that you are forced to do so, possibly as a result of financial requirements, can be a real distraction.

This doesn't mean to say that it will be possible to spend all day, every day visiting art galleries. If you don't even give art some consideration at the present time, however, then you will discover that it's unlikely that you will ever be able to improve the situation.

Think about your priorities and how you can make changes. How different would you like things to be, when looking to the future? If you're able to envisage a future that involves a significant involvement for artworks, then you are clearly more likely to be able to head in that direction.

By accepting that art has no real role in your life, it's hard to see how the situation will ever improve. Take the time to enjoy life and to add pleasure.

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