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Mlmer"s Using Social NetworkingSites to Build There Business - Is it All Hype?

The Money Follow the Relationships  The rules of engagement: Making a good connection within the Social Networking world is the link to driving traffic from there back to your website.
The whole point of social media is engagement.
Anytime you embark on a social media campaign, you must identify your " Goals, what you are here to accomplish " understand your audience and create content that appeals to that audience " choose wisely about your monetization strategy.
Give more in value then you receive in money, you will attract more people.
The social networking audience is exploding.
5 million people or 41 percent of the US population, visited social network sites at lease once a month.
The key to getting some of these people to hear what you have to say, is for you to say something of value to them.
Speak to the audience who wants to hear what you have to say, by staying focus on your target market and giving them information that can help them.
Participate in discussions and offer some value.
Listen to the kinds of needs they have.
Post relevant things your audience would be interested in, share information you know about.
Being genuine and giving back before asking will goes a long way in getting others to want hear about what you have to offer.
Cultivating the relationships you developed in these communities, will go a long way in your success.
The money fellow the relationships.
People buy from people they trust.
So put in the time to build trust with the people you meet in the networking arena.
" Give more in useful value then you receive in money" you will attract more people.
No Hype, relationships do build businesses.
Let People Get To Know You  Set Up a Good Profile, let people get to know who you are, set up a good profile with a picture, and information about yourself.
People don't really like profiles without pictures.
Your Profile is your first connection that they get to learn about who you are.
so don't give them a reason to click away.
If you are new to social marketing don't try to apply every  site to your business all in one week.
Pick one or two and set up really nice optimized profiles and start slowly using them.
Don't get overwhelmed by trying to do them all to fast.
Send out some friend requests and try engaging in some conversations with people, after all that is why you are there.
The more people see you giving back the more they are getting to know you, the more likely they will start listening to what you have to .
It all starts and end with good content, and done right you can reap the benefits.
Value base, keyword rich, good content is king.
This is what matters to the search engine and the readers.
The money follows the readers on social networking sites and internet marketing .
Bookmark your updates and start creating tag pages.
Tag them with keywords.

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