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Etiquette for Thank You Notes After a Child's Death


    • The notes used for thee thank you cards should be simple and respectful, and writers should refrain from ornate or elaborate gift cards. Simple white or cream cards, perhaps emblazoned with the family's name, are appropriate for this task.


    • Mourning thank you cards should always be hand written, traditionally using black ink. Avoid blue ink and pencil here. Script should be simple; it is not important to play with calligraphy or ornate cursive writing.


    • Sincerity is the most important aspect of these thank you notes. The writer should express to the recipient their thanks for the help or support provided during the difficult time. Notes don't need to be lengthy; they should be short and to the point. If the recipient gave a gift, such as a donation to a charity in the child's name, acknowledge the gift in the card.


    • The writer of these notes would typically be a parent of the deceased. However, if the task is too tasking on the parent, another close relative like a sibling or grandparent can step in and write the notes.


    • Send these thank you notes within a month of the funeral. Address envelopes with the full name of the recipient with a simple stamp in the corner. Make sure to include a return label so that recipients know immediately who the note is from.

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