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Java Game Ideas

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      Video games have become a deeply entrenched aspect of many peoples' lives. Video gaming is a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry that pushes the envelope of the computing world. With Java as the language of choice, thousands of websites offer games of every style and genre. Programmers and armchair game designers are using the Internet to test their gaming design skills and prove their worth to the gaming community.

    Remake the Classics

    • Many Java game designers start off by remaking classic games such as Frogger and Super Mario Brothers. This allows the designer to focus on how the game works rather than what the game is about. Neopets is one example of this. On its website, Neopets offers a huge range of flash games, many of which are classic games redesigned to have the look and feel of the Neopets website.

    Card, Board and Dice Games

    • Card games, board games and dice games are played in cultures all over the globe. Translating those games into Java and letting them be played online is a huge business and a superb challenge for new game designers. Sites such as Yahoo! and Facebook have areas devoted to poker, backgammon, Risk and Monopoly.

    IQ and Trivia Games

    • Brain games are a favorite for many people. Bars across the United States have trivia machines for patrons and television game shows often revolve around esoteric knowledge and random questions. Making a Java-based question-and-answer game isn't as difficult as many of the other genres of gaming and allows designers to show off their own knowledge of all things nerdy.

    Physics Games

    • Online games that show off a programmer's skill at coding physics have become quite popular. Whether it is a giant yeti batting penguins across an ice field, or a soccer player trying to keep a ball in the air, games involving internal physics are often linked by the masses as the next big thing. The difficulty with designing a game such as this is figuring out how to keep it fresh and interesting.

    Puzzle Games

    • Puzzle games are consistent favorites of the gaming community. From Tetris to Bejeweled, it seems every year a new puzzle game makes headlines. Puzzle games present unique challenges to game designers and, if made right, can be very addictive to the gamer that stumbles upon them.

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