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I"m Not Sure Whether This Guy Likes Me Or Not! Sure Fire Methods to Know If He is Truly Into You

There is a guy that you are just crazy about, the problem id you are not sure if he feel the same way.
You wonder all day what the right thing to do is that will make him all your and no one else's.
Have you ever thought there may be some ways to find out just how much he likes you, without stressing over it.
Well, here a few things that may be able to help in your quest.
That loving stare- Men sometimes will gaze upon you a lot when they really like you.
It can sometimes make you blush.
But that is a sure fire way to know if they are really into you.
Here let me get that- If you are out on a date and he quickly opens the door for you, or picks up the check without asking.
That may be a good sign.
Making plans- If a man begins to ask you what are you doing on certain days, that means that he is trying to figure out a way to ask you out so he can spend more time with you.
Don't rush a thing If he is patient with you when it comes down to taking your friendship to the next level than that guy is surely attracted to you.
A lot of men only think of their own selfish needs when they don't like a woman.
If he is willing to wait, that is a strong signal he likes you.
He loves your company This is a really good way to tell.
If he always loves to have you near him all the time this is a good sign.
A phone call away If he just calls to say that he is, " just checking in," is a sign that he cares and wants to see how you are doing.
You have my attention When a man only want to know about you, or discuss things that are happening in your life it is a very good sign that he is caring and loving.
He may even want to be more than just a friend.
You pick the movie Normally men don't really like the so called "Chick Flick" But if he begins to suggest that you choose the movie the next time you all go out it is more than likely his is letting you do this because he is really into you.

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