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How to Change a Ceiling Fan to a Light Fixture

    • 1). Turn off main power to the ceiling fan by flipping the appropriate circuit breaker to the off position.

    • 2). Unscrew the screws that secure the fan to the ceiling, using the drill, and remove the fan. Ask a friend to hold the fan for you while you disconnect the wiring so the fan doesn't fall to the floor and break.

    • 3). Set the old fan down and have your friend hold the new light fixture up toward the electrical box.

    • 4). Connect the wiring for your new light fixture to the electrical box. The hot wire that supplies power to your new light fixture is either black or red; connect the black or red wire from your new light fixture to the black or red wire in your electrical box. Connect the green ground wires together and the white neutral wires together as well to complete the circuit.

    • 5). Screw your new light fixture base into the ceiling. Insert the screws through the light fixture base and into the sides of the electrical box in the ceiling to secure it in place.

    • 6). Install a light bulb in your new light fixture and put the glass globe in place, if applicable.

    • 7). Turn the circuit breaker on to restore power to the light switch.

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