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Sleepworking - "Working In Your Sleep"

In business today, there are so many of us who focus a lot on work till we dream about it in our sleep.
Do you ever dream about business in your sleep ? If you do, you are not alone.
A study was created by a retail office supply giant STAPLES and conducted by Decision Analyst INC.
, of Arlington, Tx, who reported that 51% of those surveyed said that they "sleepwork" { dream about work} and mostly 70% of"sleepworkers" wake up and put their"work dreams" into action.
Have you ever done this ? Well, it seems like many people have and it may be an epidemic.
This study also showed that the term "time off" is contradictory for many people in business.
98% of US small business owners & managers said that they work during their time off { nights, weekends, vacations etc...
} and 54% are expected to work even harder in 2008.
That can be unhealthy for self and business.
The vice president of small business marketing at Staples, John Giusti said "Our customers often tell us there just aren't enough hours in the day, so it's understandable that business activity is invading sleep time" & "At Staples we work hard to make sure that it is easy for small businesses to buy office products, helping them to focus their time and energy on running their businesses and hopefully get a good night's sleep.
" Some other results included: 1.
A little more than 38% can't remember when they took a vacation.
The car is a favorite place to work; 40% say that they get their best ideas behind the wheel and 72% say that they make business calls while driving.
Greater than 84% say that they have not incorporated "new media" { new services, blogs, podcasts, new software etc...
} into their business.
If some could choose, nearly 52% said that they would accept "okay" business results in 2008 if they could get twice as much free time, then 48% stated they would work more hours if they could double their company sales.
About 52% make New Year's resolutions for their business.
Out of that 52%, 58% said that they resolve to increase business, only 21% said that they want more time off.
35% said that they want to eliminate debt & increase profits.
Their internet poll surveyed 300 plus small companies with no more than 20 employees, it explored what is causing the insatiable need to work & the obstacles preventing hardworking people from enjoying free time afforded by previous generations.
The results revealed that teamwork & organization [http://clericalsolutions.
com/2007/10/09/improving-project-management-failure] are the top factors why owners & managers work so many hours.
In the poll participants were asked to compare running their business to a track & field event, slightly 14% said their business operates like a relay race, with everyone working toward the same goal, 26% think of business operations as a 100-meter dash, always sprinting and trying to do everything quickly.
Nearly 70% percent say that they don't have a written business plan.
Almost three quarters claim they are organized, only 33% say that they complete the tasks on their "to-do" list everyday.
A little more than two-thirds say they feel constantly challenged by not having enough time to get work done.
Slightly 44% said that customer fullfillment takes up the majority of their time while at work.
When it comes to politics and key issues, more than half of those surveyed say that they have already started to look at the presidential candidates' positions on small business.
Nearly 32% said that the price of gasoline is the most important issue for them next year, slightly 18% say taxes are their hot-button issue.
When having a business you must "work your business" not let your "business work you" .
In a business there are so many things that have to be done in order to stay on top of business, to be successful in business and remain stress free.
That's why one of the keys to maintaining a business is BEING ORGANIZED [http://clericalsolutions.
com/2007/12/31/silent-killers-of-business-success], BEING ORGANIZED [http://clericalsolutions.
com/2007/12/31/silent-killers-of-business-success] also includes a business plan/ goals, personal goals/ plans {daily, weekly, monthly, yearly}.
When you get organized & stay that way you can gain so many more hours in your day, for yourself, your business and help to reduce "sleepworking".
How can you stay on top of your business or other important issues if there is no plan, no organization ? How can you be stress free if you don't know where you're going and everything is disorganized or if you are "sleepworking" ? You can't maintain a business, keep a business, be successful at work or be successful in business if other things are getting in your way.
Working in your car can be a sign of "sleepworking".
You might need to take care of some unresolved issues, personal & business if you can't get on track.
Sometimes unorganized or unresolved personal or business affairs can be stressful and lead to "sleepworking".
Some of those bad habits can show up in your business, causing you to be stressed out, continue to be unorganized and/ or lose business by not being able to meet company or client needs.

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