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New Treatment For Diabetic Foot Ulcers - The New Ossur Active Offloading Walker

Diabetic ulcers are commonly found on the plantar aspect (bottom) of the foot, more specifically under the ball of the foot, big toe and heel.
Patients may have diminished circulation and peripheral neuropathy resulting in loss of sensation and skin breakdown.
When combined with nutritional deficiency and poor blood sugar control, the end result usually is a diabetic ulceration.
Treatment of diabetic and neuropathic ulcers begin with patient education, constant monitoring and quick action, to avoid the devastating consequences of amputation.
A comprehensive treatment should be implemented immediately to determine the cause of the ulceration.
Debridement of the wound and offloading of the affected area is mandatory to ensure new tissue growth and prevention of further skin and deep tissue breakdown.
Besides total contact casting (TCC), removable walking boots (Cam Walkers) and orthopedic shoes and insoles can provide localized pressure relief if the patient must remain ambulatory.
The DH Offloading Walker by Ossur is a unique short leg walker which utilizes a patented pressure relief insole to assist in the healing of plantar ulcers.
Used by thousands of doctors for strategic pressure relief, by distributing weight to a larger area eliminating peak pressure points that cause ulcerations.
This technology is available in a short walker or a shoe with a removable toe piece.
The plantar insole allows effective pressure relief and shear reduction.
Pressure relief is easily created by the removal of numerous independent shock-absorbing hexagons.
This easily allows the insole to accommodate various sizes shapes and numbers of ulcers.
It is believed the utilization of the short leg walker helps reduce shear by fixing the ankle at 90 degrees and incorporating a rocker bottom sole.
This off-the-shelf product can be easier to apply than many other methods and save time and money when treating mild to moderate ulcers.
The insole is very comfortable and requires little or no maintenance.
Constructed of Poron and Recoil it does not absorb wound exudate and is easily washed to prevent the growth of new bacteria.
These materials create a safe environment for the simultaneous use of would care dressings and technologies to increase the chances of healing.
The walker is designed to accommodate either the left or right leg with the insole being available for separate purchase when replacement is necessary.
A DH offloading shoe is also available as an alternative treatment to post-op style shoes with static pads (wool, felt, foam, etc.
This shoe can be used for smaller foot wounds or patients that cannot tolerate the larger walking boots.
The DH Offloading Walker by Ossur has been an effective tool in the management, prevention and healing of diabetic and neuropathic ulcerations.
It should be part of any physicians office who evaluates and treats patients with compromised circulation, neuropathy and diabetes.
It is important that you consult with your physician before deciding on the purchase of this device.
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