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Varied Materials And Styles Among Casual Long Sleeve Shirts

The brand names that appear on each of the short sleeved tops appear as well on a variety of different casual long sleeve shirts.
The name "St.
John's Bay" has been printed on the label of both a suede striped and a suede solid polo.
Each of those tops features a two button opening at the neck.
Some males who like a soft top but do not want to purchase something in suede choose to buy St.
John's chamois shirt.
Men who do not object to the presence of a turtleneck collar can buy a longer sleeved shirt with that distinctive type of neckline.
Men who prefer a more lightweight item can go online and order a woven garment.
While the name "IZOD" is generally associated with super casual and cool garments, that name also appears on rib stripped polo.
That shirt's sleeves cover the wearer's upper arms and forearms, down to the wrists.
Another name that is usually associated with office attire also shows up among the so called "weekend wear.
" That name is " VanHeusen.
" A few other tops manage to complete the diversity found in this collection of tops.
One shirt, something offered by Palmland, features a Terry banded bottom.
One thermal item comes with a distinctive graphic design.
Another one, one woven from satin fibers contains thin black stripes on a solid blue background.
All of the above garments manage to protect the entire arm.
Many of them are made with heavier materials, and are ideal for winter wear.

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