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My Summer Camp Conversion Experience

Now you may be thinking based on the title, that I am going to write about being converted to Christianity or a world religion or something like that, but that is not what this article is about at all.
This article is about how I came to fall in love with summer camp.
Have you ever been to camp? Have you ever sent your children to summer camp? Whether you have been to summer camp or not, I hope this article reflects some of the beauty that can be found at a good summer camp.
I was never sent to camp as a child or a teenager.
Well, okay, I went to a sports camp, but if it is not overnight camp then it is not what I mean.
And so, it seemed, as I trekked on through high school and university that camp may be something that I never would get to experience.
Fortunately, I had this burning question, that I simply had to answer: what is camp like? I had head about it, but I really did not know much about camp.
So, I went, in the summer of my third year.
I never could have imagined what would find me there.
There is no way put it too kindly, this place was utopic.
Sure there were problems here and there with teens or kids trying to assert themselves over others; however, in the camp setting those issues are addressed.
I mean they are really addressed.
At camp kids are not taught that adults sort all of their problems, so they should be afraid of adults if they are in trouble: kids need to contribute to help sort out the problems.
Anyway, the best part about camp is that you don't really spend too much time thinking about problems and about the hassles of life.
It is just a place to live and help each other grow and learn (and of course have fun).
Camp is a place that I will always feel welcome and that I hope to return to again and again, for the rest of my life.

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