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How to Petition for Precautionary Measures

    • 1). Attend public meetings to seek community input on the issue. Discuss possible precautionary measures. Redraft the petition afterwards to include ideas gathered from these meetings. The petition should best reflect the community's needs.

    • 2). Gather signatures and written statements from people potentially affected by the action. Speak with certified doctors, scientists and university professors. A credible petition requires expert testimony and evidence of public impact.

    • 3). Schedule meetings with local government officials. Solicit their support in promoting the petition. Schedule a time to address the local city or state council regarding the proposed measures.

    • 4). Work with a lawmaker to draft a bill or an amendment to an existing bill. The legislation should be broad in language -- allowing the measures to set the basis for future legislation, court decisions and policy initiatives. Consult a government budget agency to calculate the cost of implementing and enforcing the bill. A higher cost may deter legislators from giving the bill their support.

    • 5). Organize a press conference or public rally to draw media attention to the bill. Resubmit copies of the petition to voting legislators. This will remind them of the public appeal and the scientific basis behind the proposed legislation. Organize community members to call and write their elected representatives in support of the bill.

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