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How to Get Visitation Revoked in Georgia

    • 1). Draft your Petition to Modify Child Visitation. You can obtain a blank copy of the form from the office of the clerk of your local county courthouse. Include in the caption the case information from the current child visitation order.

      You must have a valid and substantial reason to be concerned about the child's welfare in order to win on a motion of this type. Georgia family courts may restrict visitation where there has been a history of violent felonies, particularly domestic violence or sexual assault against you, or the child. Include the information you wish to bring to the court's attention in the narrative section of the motion, and finish the motion with a request to revoke visitation.

    • 2). File your motion with the family division in your county courthouse, and provide service of process by using the county sheriff to provide a copy of your motion upon the other parent. If you and the other natural parent cannot come to an agreement, the court will set the matter for hearing.

    • 3). Appear at hearing on your motion. You will have an opportunity to present your case and any witnesses you may wish for the court to hear. The other parent will have the right to attend, and to contest your allegations. If the court finds that the safety or welfare of the child is placed into jeopardy by allowing visitation, the court can either restrict visitation to supervised visits, or revoke visitation until the other parent can prove he is no longer a threat to the child.

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