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How do you make sure that your resume stands out? For every job that you apply to, there may be hundreds of applicants with the same amount of work experience and college education as you. So what is it that you can add to your resume that will get you noticed? Some IT skills would do the magic!

IT skills are needed for all types of jobs these days. Most industries use computers extensively and thus require employees that can handle different software programs. This article explains about a variety of IT courses that can add immense value to an aspirants skill set.

Most recruiters look for candidates who believe in upgrading their skill set. If there has been no value addition to your resume since the time you have passed out from college, then it just means that your knowledge bank is stagnant. In todays scenario, the demand for a lot of new skills has grown in the job market. It is possible that you might be well-versed with the software you need for your job, but at the same time there are chances that the software program would have been upgraded to new versions in the market now. Chances are very high, and with each new version there are new features that are introduced. Just imagine the embarrassment you may face if you are absolutely unaware of those new features? These IT Institutes helps to address these problems aptly. There are many educational establishments in New York, which are set up to provide on-hand IT training and business skills training courses to aspirants. If you are not sure which course best suits your choicest profession, let me suggest two courses you shouldnt miss:

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office consists of desktop productivity tools such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Each of these tools is used excessively in corporate offices. From making presentations to drafting proposals to maintaining cost sheets, all these basic tasks are done with the help of Microsoft Office. Some people may argue that they dont need training in such basic software. But the advantage of this training is that you will learn how to deploy these tools to maximize your productivity. There are many features that are absolutely fantastic but are not used often. There are shortcut keys to certain functions that can reduce your workload. These tiny aspects are really important to improve your overall work efficiency.

Social Media

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketing professional, your knowledge of social media can impact your brands online presence. The online space is immensely dynamic and the potential of each social networking website is varied. To understand each of these platforms and how you can maximize your activities on each one of them is essential for online branding. A course in social media can help you land jobs in Digital marketing firms and startups across New York.

If you are looking for some interesting courses, then you should consider learning programming languages, animation, web designing and cloud computing. Jesh Wilson IT institute is one of the famous educational institutes in New York that has been helping aspirants to try their hands on advanced technology. Attending IT courses is not waste of time, but they are very beneficial to have an excelling career; its reflection can be easily seen in the salary.

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