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Baby Shower Centerpieces - 7 New Ideas!

1) Among the ideas you can use as a baby shower centerpiece are flowers and bouquet arrangements in different basket sizes that are easily available in the market as flowers speak a language of their own in any environment. If you already have a theme, you can weave in the motif into your floral centerpiece arrangement for a style statement.

2) For a more child-friendly environment at your baby shower, why not opt for a toy theme for the centerpiece and carry the idea through different corners of the room or your home? From arranging a special kiddy stuff basket with soft toys, feeding bottles, teethers and soft socks to sponges and toiletries for the coming child, you can have a lot of delicate touches thrown togehter to give a cutesy look!

3) If you are short on time and can't spare the personal effort of making your own centerpiece for the baby shower, you can opt for picking up one of many easily available store-bought baby shower floral centerpieces, which cost a reasonable 60 dollars or so and include baby things like toy ducks, flowers, blankets and rattles apart from hair styling set for babies!

4) Do the diaper cake arrangement for a unique baby shower centerpiece! This includes a set of nappies for the new arrival that are assembled to look like a cake and are a practical and useful item for the mother to be, besides highlighting the theme in a obvious and fun way.

5) Balloon it up! Yes, you can cheer up the celebratory mood even further with a big bunch of colorful balloons, tied up in gay ribbons or paper strings and tinsel, which is a cheap and cheerful baby shower centerpiece idea! You do need to add a substantial weight to the balloon bunch to prevent them from flying away and you are ready to party in style - cost-effectively, too; besides balloons are easy to find and buy from any local party goods shop!

6) Another great baby shower centerpiece is a potted plant or bonsai even that can have a rubby duck or toy attached to it to draw the attention of the revellers to the reason for the party: the coming baby, of course!

7) How about getting out your old fishbowl and jazzing it up with pretty beads before filling it up with water to float some special decorative candles in them: apart from lighting up the table and the spread on it, it is sure to be a centerpiece to illuminate the other gifts that come in, should you choose to keep them on display at the table.

Thus, the most important part of ensuring you have an appropriate and fun baby shower centerpiece is to think about the kind of guests you will be having over, the theme of your party and the budget you have in mind for buying accessories or time and efforts you can put in personally to ensure your centerpiece matches the baby shower mood best! Let your creative juices flow - get inventive and innovation will follow. Themes inlcude beaches (put together blanket, toy boat, ball or even a treasure trunk) or toy party (have soft toys tied to balloons with party caps on them). Just get with the flow and the fun is sure to follow!

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