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Creating Unique Custom Gift Ideas

Canvas Prints

Choose a photo and have it printed on canvas or, alternatively, select a number of pictures and have them professionally converted into a great looking photo montage. You can even have a picture converted into a pop art print or have a single picture printed over several canvases to create a unique mosaic tiled effect. Bespoke canvas sizes and dimensions also mean that canvas prints can fit any budget and any wall space making them perfect unique custom gift ideas.

Photo Cubes

Photo cube is essentially a cube shaped firm cushion with photos or designs printed on each of the six faces of the cube. The design can consist of a single photo or a collection of photos and it can also include text and other elements in order to give the photo cube a unique appearance that is great looking and desirable as well as being unique and high quality. You can use the same or different designs on every face or you can print a single image across two or more faces to get exactly the look you want.

Photo Blocks

A photo block is an up to date version of a framed photo. The self contained, self standing unit is made from durable resin on which your photo is printed. No glass, and no frame is needed so the photo block is lightweight as well as safe and convenient; it can even be sent by standard mail and arrive safely and without damage so is ideal for long distance gifts or last minute presents.

Photo Albums And Books

A photo album is the traditional way of keeping photos (aside from keeping them in a shoe box in the kitchen drawer or up in the loft gathering dust). With a modern photo album you can even customise the cover and have a presentation tin created using your design. Photo books offer these same customisation options while also printing your choice of pictures directly onto the inside pages of the book.

Photo Calendars

Choose a photo and caption for every single month of the year as well as another picture for the cover and a title for the calendar itself. Finally, choose the month in which the calendar should start and then await the arrival of this unique custom gift idea in the post; ideal for use at birthdays as well as Christmas and other events.

Photo Bags

Photo bags such as laptop bags and handbags as well as carry alls, shopping bags, and makeup bags can also be customised with photos and text. You can either opt for the standard layout with your design printed on the front or you can choose to have the same or a different design printed on the reverse of the bag too making it even more unique.

photo bag

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