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How to Keep Home Snowblowers From Rusting

    • 1). Remove the snowblower's spark plug. Find the spark plug along the side of the engine assembly. The thin, black ignition wire connects to the spark plug. Pull this ignition wire out of the spark plug and store the plug in a your tool box or a similarly safe place during the spring and summer seasons. If the spark plug is not new, dispose of it. You will need to get a new spark plug next winter.

    • 2). Pour out 1 teaspoon of fresh oil into the engine's cylinder. Gently pull the starting rope to turn the engine over a few times. This will allow the oil to coat the cylinder and prevent any rusting.

    • 3). Use a cloth to apply a thin layer of silicone grease onto the metal parts that are exposed to the elements.

    • 4). Store the snowblower in a dry place for the spring and summer months. Do not store the snowblower in a basement.

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