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Changing the Language on a Nokia 6230i to Arabic

    • 1). Turn on your Nokia 6230i.

    • 2). Press the "Menu" button. This will take you to the phone's general menu.

    • 3). Select "Settings" from the menu. You will be taken to the "Settings" sub-menu.

    • 4). Select "Phone" from the menu. This will take you to the "Phone Settings" sub-menu.

    • 5). Select "Phone Language." This will take you to a list of available languages on your phone.

    • 6). Scroll through the languages available to determine whether Arabic is already installed on your phone.

    • 7). Select "Arabic" to make it the default language for your Nokia 6230i cell phone.

    • 8). If Arabic is not installed on your phone, go to a Nokia service point and have Arabic language installed. Then select Arabic as the language for your phone by following Steps 1-7 above.

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