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Bath Seats to Support the Elderly

Most old people who are unwell or are recovering from a surgery or illness find it difficult to stand and take a bath. For such people it is necessary to use a bath seat which allows them to sit comfortably while taking a bath.

Bath seats are largely used by the elderly while taking a bath and can be used by any individual who is required to be seated while taking a bath. Numerous designs and options are available of bath seats and each is made to cater to and address a specific need. They are available in different heights and can be chosen and bought as per the dimensions of the user. Most bath seats are light in weight but are however made from a sturdy material like PVC and can withstand weight up to a certain limit. The amount of weight each bath seat can withstand is also generally indicated and they can be purchased according to the weight of the user. Some bath seats are available which can be directly used and do not require you to assemble and put together the seat. Almost all the bath seats are sold with a warranty and this is indicative of the quality and standard of the product.

Extendible tubes are often attached to the bath seats which make it easy to adjust the seats and fit them into any corner of the bath tub. Swivel bath seats are very convenient as they help in moving the individual around while taking a bath and are also flexible in nature. Bath seats are also available which can be used while taking a shower and are equipped with a backrest which is firm and can offers good support. These bath seats are also designed to hold a hand shower and have space to keep a soap dish. This offers a safe and convenient method for individuals to shower while being seated and is built to an exact level and is very stable in nature. Stainless steel frame which is coated can also be used for making bath seats and can be designed to lock in a particular position. Once the bath seat is locked in a particular position it can be rotated in its position and this swivel is very helpful while taking a shower while being seated.

The width of the bath seats are usually fixed however they are also available in adjustable width versions and this helps in fitting the bath seat on the bath well. Powder coated aluminium frame is used for making sunken bath seats and these are designed in a model which makes it very secure and safe. A front cut away is also featured on the seat and makes it easy for hygienic cleaning of the user. Soft caps are used to fit the bath seat firmly and they are made from a material that is resistant to corrosion and this makes the product long lasting.

Traditional stool shaped bath seats for elderly are also useful and are now available with adjustable height. Leg inserts are also available with this bath seat and helps in increasing the height of the bath seat while keeping it stable and is made from high quality of plastic which does not easily get damaged.

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