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Black Homeowners Guide To Increase Urban Home Values

Certain home improvements to your inner city home will more than pay for itself with increased property value ...
True or False? It depends on how hot or cold the real estate market is in your specific area.
For example, building a deck in southern California is a good investment.
Adding a family room, a hearth appliance or fireplace in a colder climate will more than pay for itself.
People are getting tired of commuting, so the trend is for young professionals to move back into urban areas they once fled.
Here are the latest tips on helping you increase the value of your inner city home.
A Remodeled Kitchen
The kitchen is still the heart of the home by most home buyers standards.
Despite the fact most people do less cooking, this is still the room many home buyers base there buying decision on.
Cabinet appearance, cabinet space, appliances, sink and fixtures, counter appearance, counter space, lighting, flooring and more.
Anything you can do big or small to improve this room is almost a sure bet in any market or location.
A Remodeled Bathroom
The next leading room to push the value of your home up is a remodeled bathroom.
Updated counter,shower, tub fixtures, flooring, commode and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your bathroom and the value of your home.
In fact doing these things is almost a must if you want to sell your home in a tight real estate market.
Get A Room
Although following this suggestion is a bit more expensive than the previous suggestions, it can pay off the most.
But you have to make sure you add the right kind of room.
A bedroom is a good decision, a half or even quarter bath is a good investment if you only have one bath now.
A patio is a good idea if you have room to expand a little, a family room can also pay off according to statistics.
Add A Fireplace or Hearth Appliance
Nothing says welcome home on a cold rainy night than a roaring fireplace.
Whether it's a traditional brick wood burning fireplace, a gas stove or gas logs.
Adding a hearth to your home is another improvement that will pay for itself.
Yes,not only in home appreciation but in personal appreciation and enjoyment.
Add to The Square Footage
Anything you can do to add to the livable space of your home is a sure bet to add to the value.
An enclosed front porch and enclosed patio is a quick way to add to the square footage of your home.
Automatic Sprinklers
Automatic sprinkler system is a good investment in relation to cost.
It also makes your home more attractive to potential buyers.
It's an easier home improvement project compared to the previous suggestions.
Central Air/heating
The addition of central air and/or heating have been known to add up to 10% to a homes value.
If you can afford it adding these conveniences is a must if you want to get the maximum return on investment.
Yes, well maintained urban homes will continue to attract greater value as young professionals migrate back to urban areas.
These tips will help you to keep and increase the value of your inner city home.
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