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Personal Change And Learning To Type With More Than Two Fingers

There was a moment in time where we learned to use the qwerty-keyboard.
Using one finger on the left hand, one finger on the right; and Go! Then life requires you to extent your resource program; by using more fingers, your typing speed will increase.
This does require some training.
You need to forget for a moment how you were used to type, do the training and start slowly in the new way (not before unlearning the old way).
At the same time at work, we sometimes still communicate with two fingers.
These are the two ways that we have been successful in the past, but they are not enough to keep up with current requirements.
Investors know that a sound portfolio consist of a variety of (investment) instruments.
Even though your specialization might be a certain way that will automatically choose one and the same fund, but if you do not in the same time check the market around you, you could possible miss the train.
To diversify your style you first need to know what your main style is and when you use it.
Once you know this you should try a different approach for some situations.
When the experiment is successful, you should add it to your communication portfolio.
In case the experiment turns out to be unsuccessful you should evaluate why and try a new approach.
A new experiment.
Of course you main approach in life will not (easily) change and this shouldn't be necessary.
But extending your style "palette" will open your horizon and just there might rise a new quality.
A new way of doing things that could be very successful.
© 2006 Hans Bool

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