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5 Simple Display Construction Ideas For Showing Off Your Kids" Artwork

Magnetic board This is one of the easier ways of displaying art, and is an alternative to the fridge door.
You can use a wide variety of things to create your board, from kitchen trays to sheets of steel.
If you want to be really creative, you can even get hold of some magnetic paint and include it in your interior décor.
You can put your board up on the wall and move it out of sight when you want your house to look really neat and tidy.
Clips and wire A cheap and simple way of displaying kids' artwork is to hang up a wire between two walls in your home and clip art to it.
Things like washing line wire and fishing wire will work, but you can also use curtain rods, or anything else which you can attach to your walls.
This way you'll have plenty of room for lots of art, but it will be kept up out of the way.
Scrapbook A way of saving the work which didn't quite make it to the wall is to store it in a scrapbook.
Use foam pads to attach pieces neatly, as these are less messy than glue and tape, and bare less risk of ruining the pages.
If you still think there are too many, you can scan them into your computer and create a digital scrapbook.
Shelves If your kids have been making 3D artwork, such as small models, then a great way to show them off is to install some shelves.
You can be really creative with your display construction, so see what kind of layouts you can come up with to compliment your interior décor.
Shelves are also a neat and eye-pleasing way of displaying frames.
Frames and wall art Probably the most simple way of displaying a picture is by sticking it on the wall.
However, you can turn this method from tacky and messy to stylish and artistic with the addition of frames.
These neaten things up and give you freedom with display construction, allowing you to create some creative and eccentric designs using different shapes and sizes.
This is a great way of displaying your favourite pieces, but if you can't pick your favourites, you can always swap around what gets displayed from time to time.
There are frames available which can hold multiple pieces, so you can easily swap the picture in front for one behind.
If you don't want to use frames, you can create an easy display by putting up a decorated board and sticking up your kids' work using sticky tac or adhesive foam pads.

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