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What About Plants in Outdoor Fish Ponds?


    • Aquatic plants vary greatly in their size and growth rate. Consider the mature size, longevity and how quickly a plant reproduces before placing it in your pond. Water lilies may take several years to fully establish themselves in a fish pond, while some floating plants, such as duckweed, are small, but reproduce rapidly and can quickly cover the surface of a pond.


    • There are three types of aquatic plants available to plant in fish ponds. Floating plants remain on the surface of the water and provide shade and hiding places for fish near the surface. Emergent plants root themselves on the bottom of the fish pond, but portions of the plant protrude above the water surface. Submerged aquatic plants provide hiding spaces for fish along the bottom of the pond.


    • In addition to providing shelter for fish, aquatic plants are also a source of food for goldfish and koi. Aquatic plants utilize nutrients from fish waste to grow and provide dissolved oxygen for fish to use as a byproduct of photosynthesis.

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