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Thought For The DayWho Are You Hanging With?

Achieving goals in our lives is one of the most gratifying things we will ever do. Whether it be finishing a degree or learning to play guitar, goals are what add life to our lives.

However, if we dont have people who motivate, encourage and push us, we may never make it to our goal. If were lucky, we may have a friend, co-worker or professional coach to help us reach our goals.

A young lady may struggle for years deciding what to do with her life. Am I making the right career choice? Is it really what I want to do? If there is no one there to offer their support, she may simply give up, having lasting consequences. However, a college counselor, friend or parent giving constant support when they need it will almost always secure success. (And save the young lady years of guilt and frustration).

A middle-aged man hates his job. He hates getting up in the morning and driving there. He hates being in his office all day, everyday. There is nothing and no one in his work environment offering motivation or encouragement. Instead he constantly hears criticism and negative remarks from co-workers. This is a person adrift and alone in a sea of negativity.

The most obvious change both of these examples could make would be getting a new group of friends. You dont have to dump your old friends, but it would certainly help to get around a group of driven and inspired people! As an old axiom goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats," and the influence of such a group could set you on a brand new course to your goals and dreams.

Try this: list one uplifting and encouraging person in your family, one at your job, and one whos a friend. Dig deep and really think about it. Can you name one from each group? If not, can you see where you might make some changes?

If you can name one in each category create a "plan" to spend more time with them. Take them to lunch and share your goals with them. These are the kind of people who can stoke your fire instead of putting it out.

If you don't find these encouragers presently in your life, start now to add some. A great place to start is a group like your local Toastmasters. Yes, I know that's a group that helps people develop public speaking and leadership skills, but take a closer look.

Every single person attending a Toastmasters meeting is there for one primary reason, to improve themselves. Aren't those the type of people you're looking for? I've recommended this group to hundreds of people and all have returned to me with glowing reviews for the positive energy and support they discovered in this group.

Finally, remember the old maxim you likely heard from your grandmother, "birds of a feather flock together." What kind of birds have you been flocking with lately?

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