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    Dream Phone

    • This board game is aimed at girls aged around 10 to early teens, and revolves around players figuring out who their secret admirer is by listening to clues on the game's talking phone. Players take turns to call their admirers and are given a clue about him, such as what clothes he wears or where he hangs out. Players must then race around the game-board to eliminate each possible admirer until they're sure they know who it is. The first player to successfully guess her admirer---and have it confirmed by the talking phone--- wins the game.

    Elmo Talking Phone

    • This game is designed for very young kids, of around 2 or 3 years old, and is based on the popular children's character Elmo, from the Sesame Street television show. The game---which comes in the shape of a novelty, colorful cell phone---is designed to amuse kids and to help teach them basic numeracy skills. Kids can try to guess which numbers on the handset are which. Pressing each button makes Elmo read out numbers to the child. The Talking Phone also has a second mode, in which Elmo makes funny sounds when the buttons are pushed. Flipping the phone's lid open and closed activates Elmo's eyelids, too.

    Deal Or No Deal

    • The television show Deal or No Deal has proved to be a hit in the United Kingdom, and this board game version allows players to re-create the show at home. The aim of the game is to win as much money as possible by opening a succession of red boxes, placed around the game board. Opening a box takes a player one step closer to revealing the quantity of money in her own box, which is opened last. During the game, an electronic phone is used to send players messages from the mysterious 'banker,' who'll make players financial offers--- based on how well they've done in the game up until that point---which they can either accept or decline, Accepting an offer ends the game. Declining the offer allows the player to continue, with the player risking it all in the hope of winning big.

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