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Top Tips for Attending Wedding Shows

Which shows shall I attend? The best way to decide is to do some research.
Spend some time on the Internet finding out about shows near to you.
If there are not too many attend them all.
Organisers will normally limit the number of each 'trade' that is their.
So attend more see more variety! If there are too many then ring the venues and ask how many exhibitors are booked.
Choose the one's with the biggest numbers.
What if they charge an entrance fee? Some of the larger shows in your area will charge an entrance fee.
This usually means they are bigger and better.
For example with live food demonstrations and cat walk shows.
Check what the ticket includes and make sure you pre-book, as this is usually cheaper.
Who shall I go with? Without a doubt the best person to go with is your fiance because you may meet your ideal wedding - so it would be great if you were both there.
If you cannot both attend then bring your Mum or a good friend, someone who can look dispassionately at the suppliers and offer and unbiased opinion.
Perhaps a friend who is already married and knows what's what! Bring a notebook and pen.
You will meet so many people at each show it's a really good idea to stop after each stand and make a few notes.
Then when you are ready to book you can easily tell which ones you liked.
An alternative to this is a pen and just make an asterisk on the business cards of those you like.
What else to take with you? If you already have some ideas, colours, themes picked out then take along what you have.
Wedding suppliers will love to see these things and should be enthusiastic and offer more suggests and ideas.
Shall I enter the prize draws? With out a doubt yes! For a start you might win.
Yes you might be contacted by these suppliers, so why not set up a separate 'wedding' email address.
This will keep everything separate and after the big day you can delete the account.
Do I need to visit every stand? Absolutely! Even if you have a particular service already booked visit these people.
Why not talk to them, see what they offer, what they recommend, what tips do they have to make your day better? Some will also have incentives you can enter and they may be of use on another occasion! Most of the suppliers will be friendly and will be glad to talk to you in details about their products and services.
They will also know other suppliers who they work with and who they would recommend.
Should I book on the day? If you feel comfortable and have had enough time to talk to that vendor and discuss your requirements then why not? Always ask what special offer they have if you book at the show! So remember to take a cheque book and a credit card with you.
If you are required to sign any agreements then ask if you can take them away, get a cup of coffee and read then through thoroughly before you sign.
If you do not feel comfortable or it is a bit too hectic to book on the day as k if you can have the same offer if you book a follow up appointment at the show.
That way you get the best of both worlds!

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