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Cholesterol Isn"t All Bad

Cholesterol sounds like it has something to do with fat when actually cholesterol is not a fat at all. This often thought a villain substance is really an alcohol. It's am alcohol that is not soluble in water or blood somewhat like a fat. Moreover it comes coated with a compound, a lipoprotein, that makes it water soluble so it can be transported in the blood. Here's more of the story...

For all the bad vibes that this material gets, you might assume it should be wiped out and put on a fast trip to the waste bin. Certainly that must be the case since the cholesterol levels are so closely monitored. And so many persons are taking pills to keep the levels at some arbitrary, or so it seems, number. Whether that's a good idea is actually not quite so clear, believe it or no. Here are reasons to be glad for cholesterol and not so sad.

Your body uses it when producing hormones that aid it in dealing with stress and protect, that's right, against both cancer and heart disease as well. That's not so often mentioned. The hormones including androgen, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and DHEA require a particular substance for their production. Know what it is???

Surprise, your body uses this bad-reputation alcohol to manufacture a substance that's getting a lot of positive press these days -- Vitamin D that is. Vitamin D is essential for making bones work right and for the right functioning of all sorts of other body functions and parts. The nervous system, mineral metabolism, muscle tone, insulin production and others all depend on cholesterol. Plus there's this too...

It works to protect from free radical damage. Free radicals in excess cause higher risk of heart trouble and cancer. Serotonin is known as the "feel good" chemical. Proper serotonin receptor functioning depends on the presence of... It's the same again... Very low cholesterol levels seem to be linked to really strange behavior...

Repair of damaged cells uses choesterol too, oddly enough. Could it be that elevated cholesterol levels are linked to repairs going on and are not necessarily a bad indicator? Cholesterol presence may be for a ggod reason and indicate that the body is working on something. That may be a plus and not a megative after all.

Just on a whim to reduce cholesterol might not be a totally positive step to take. Cholesterol and health are not necessarily lined inversely. A certain level of cholesterol is essential to health and the natural level in different people could be there for one of several reasons, all of which may not be harmful at all, and might in fact be just what is needed. It's all quite complicated and depends on a number of factors, some of which may still be unknown.

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