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The Agony Of Playing The Host For Ants

Ants are common company to humans and efforts to make them crawl to their indubitable homes outside your apartment may prove worthless.

In fact the more one tries to eliminate these tiny horrible creatures, the more they discard their family planning skills and proliferate to fill your house.

They do not care that they are the hosted, the parents and their wealth of children may be found creeping everywhere any time.

What a disgraceful pest

People think that cockroaches are a symbol of dirty and unkempt homes, which is true, but at least they have a bit of brains than ants-they hide in daytime.

Ants do not seem to notice the broad daylight or darkness of the night, but are on the job fulltime.

Just when one is sure the kitchen is clean with no food or sugar pellets lying on the floor, sinks and other surfaces, the ants will still be found taking stroll here and there.

Even clean and dry utensils are not spared either, a thing that makes me wonder what they feed on, so that I have to do the dishes all over again before serving any meal or drink.

You may think that these are not filthy, but sure they are because they can be found creeping on the toilet surfaces, garbage bags, now and later back to your dishes.

What I hate most is that many types of ants gather tiny particles of soil and entirely anything and before one know it, a heap of this is lying behind and under those huge sofas, cabinets, that one does not move often.

Why they keep hanging around

Although the ants crawl any where, they are very keen on the edibles traceable on their pathways.

If you have children who can not be stable using the dinner table, chances are that you can find ants all over the place because children pour food pieces on the floor, sofas, beds and the like.

Ants are also fond of greasy and sweet foods and you may even find them on your sugar dishes.

If there are other insects such as cockroaches hosted by you, the ants will also feed on their remains lying where they can be accessible.

So it should be a big step to ensure proper kitchen and entire house cleanliness ahead of applying the elimination remedies.

I thought termites were terrible but today I detest the sight of those little looking pests called ants, bossing me around in my own home.

So I gathered information on how people around the world do to get rid of these ants.

Methods to terminate ants

Wonders of powders- from the testimonies I read, many people expressed their satisfaction with pouring different types of powders right where these ants originate from.

Examples of the ones cited included the red chili powder, Comet or Ajax powder, baby powder like the scented talcum and they are believed to cause upset to the ants and soon disappear to where they belong.

Natural way- there are several comments I read about people who have forced the ants out of their homes by applying natural ways.

Some examples of the ones I saw were use of black pepper, vinegar, old cinnamon, cloves, bay Leaves, cayenne pepper and mint among others.


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