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Improve Search Engine Rank by Pinging

You have updated your blog or website and now you are waiting and waiting and waiting for the new information to appear in the search engine.
Well, keep on waiting...
or take action.
You can quickly and easily tell the search engines that you have made an update and that they should send their spiders out to re-crawl your site by Pinging.
There are several free services that will let you ping multiple major search sites all at one time.
Before I let you know where to go, I have one warning.
Do not spam-ping.
Do not ping the search engines every ½ hour.
Do not ping the search engines if you do not have any new content.
This will not improve your ranking and may just get you banned from the search engine altogether.
Now that you have the rules, here is what to do.
If your are either lazy or really busy, then go to Feedburner.
com and burn your RSS feed to Feedburner.
Once you are set up, activate their automatic pinging tool.
This will automatically ping some of the biggest search engines every time you update content in your RSS feed.
If you feel Feedburner does not ping enough sites, or you like to do things the hard way, you can use these free manual services: Ping Bloggers - http://bloggers.
Ping-O-Matic - http://pingomatic.
Pingoat - http://www.
King Ping - http://www.
Be careful, if using more than one ping tool because many of them ping the same search engines and you could end up spam-pinging by accident.
Stop waiting around for the search engines to find you, tell them you are here, you are fresh, you are up-to-date, and you are great.

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