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Best Online Philosophy Sources II: Blogs

What are the best philosophy blogs? What sorts of philosophy blogs are out there? The net has revolutionized the way philosophy is disseminated and discussed; philosophy radios abound and recently the first philosophy TV was introduced; philosophy journals have been affected by the change too. Here find a selection of the most influential blogs in philosophy to date along with some additional useful sources.

Best Philosophy Blogs

  • One of the most influential blogs, academically speaking, professor Brian Leiter’s blog Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog has been up and running for several years now. Since 1989, he has been compiling also one of the most influential rankings of philosophy department, the Philosophical Gourmet Report
  • The Brooks Blog, run by philosophy Thom Brooks, reader in Political and Legal Philosophy at Newcastle University. This is one of the most accessible and widely read blogs, especially useful to prospective professional philosophers.
  • Logic Matters is the blog of philosopher Peter Smith, of Cambridge University. Addressed to interested students, it contains brilliant posts on a wide range of topics.
  • Thoughts, Arguments, and Rants initially maintained by philosopher Brian Weatherson, which now features also posts by Andy Egan, Carrie Jenkins, Gillian Russell, and Kenny Easwaran. For advanced students, it contains a wealth of fresh philosophical ideas and discussion, alongside with some news from the academic world.

  • Richard Zach is the blog by the homonymous philosopher at the University of Calgary. It features mainly content in logic and philosophical logic, alongside with news on the subject. Certainly one of the best blogs devoted to this branch of philosophy.
  • Fragments of Consciousness is the blog maintained by Australian philosopher David Chalmers. It contains mostly updates regarding academic news (conferences, papers, positions) along with occasional philosophical discussions.
  • Feminist Philosophers is one of the most engaged philosophy blogs (and I mean it in a good sense). Devoted by and large (but not only) to issues of interest to female philosophers and to those working on feminist philosophy, it is becoming a central place where to find cutting edge discussion of some of the most poignant topics, such as the professor Hendrick’s picture scandal.
  • Experimental Philosophy is a blog devoted to general philosophy, shaped up much in the tradition from which is takes its name (experimental philosophy or X-Phi). It contains a great deal of thought provoking ideas.
  • Animal Ethics is a blog devoted to the philosophical discussion of the moral status of non-human aimals. It contains a vast array of useful sources, news, and information on the topic. Definitely worth checking.
  • Evolutionary Philosophy is a blog looking at a wide array of philosophical issues from the lenses of contemporary evolutionary thinking. The topic is certainly one of the most up and coming in philosophical realm and not of exclusive interest of philosophers.
  • Philosophy Talk is the companion blog of the radio program Philosophy Talk.

Blog Lists: Sources
There are plenty more philosophy blogs out there and the list provided includes only some of the most influential. New blogs come in and out every month, so it’s always a good idea to surf the net on your own if you are looking for some specific topic and for the latest voices. But, there are also a number of places containing blog lists.
  • Here to one of the most complete lists of philosophy weblogs, usefully divided by category
  • Here to a useful list by Zen College Magazine of the fifty best philosophy blogs, along with a description for each of them.
  • Here is a list compiled by philosopher Achille Varzi, divided into topical, local, and individual weblogs.

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