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Maui, Hawaii: Rejuvenate Body, Mind, and Spirit With The Help Of Local Inns and Innkeepers

In a world in which the velocity and pressures of our jobs are oftentimes overwhelming, we all have an essential human need to get away and enjoy relaxation and contemplation.
Some individuals feel that getting away is an opportunity to free themselves from their stress.
A respite can help them transform into efficient, creative, self-empowered, authentic, loving, service-driven, and wholeness-oriented adults.
Maui, Hawaii is a destination that is sure to delight.
It is fascinating to stumble along the roads of its past, to reconstruct its scenes, to relive its echoes, and rekindle with small glimpses the passions of former times.
Local bed and breakfast innkeepers do a masterful job of relaying to their guests the history of Maui as they peel away a past that is as incredulous as the island that contained it.
Moreover, as they spin their engaging tales, visitors get a good taste of the intoxicating wealth that was enjoyed, while at the same time questioning the lifestyle, priorities and self-interest that impacted the local population.
The French admiral Jean Francois de la Perouse visited Maui in 1786.
Soon after, traders, whalers, loggers and missionaries followed.
Many entrepreneurs settled in the town of Lahaina.
They greatly altered the local culture and forbade locals from dancing the hula.
Missionaries began teaching reading and writing to the inhabitants.
Outsiders brought printing presses to Lahaina and recorded the history of the island, which until then was transmitted orally.
The Lahainaluna Mission School, which opened in 1831, still exists today.
Lahaina then became a major whaling center.
The height of whaling occurred from 1843-1860.
Petroleum eventually replaced whale oil as a source of fuel and the whaling industry sharply declined.
Maui is now a well known destination for whale-watching.
Humpback whales migrate approximately 3,500 miles from Alaska every fall.
The whales spend their winters mating and birthing in the warm waters near Maui, sheltered in the channel between the islands.
Most of them depart by the end of April.
The whales are typically seen congregating in pods, which are small groups of adults; or mothers, calves, and companions.
There are about 18,000 Humpback whales located in the North Pacific.
They are an endangered species, protected by federal and state laws, although the population has been growing in recent years.
Maui is a place where one can find splendor within a very poetic landscape.
The sheer beauty of the place can reach inside and move us on a unique level that touches our body, mind and spirit.
There is a large rainforest on the northeastern side of Haleakala.
For those who like to snorkel or scuba dive, coral reefs are teeming with sea turtles, tropical fish and dolphins.
There are wonderful sightseeing drives that visitors can take.
The Hana Highway, along the east coast of the island, curves along mountains, waterfalls and black sand beaches.
The Haleakala National Park is a dormant volcano with an unusual landscape.
The town of Lahaina is filled with shops and restaurants.
You can also book sunset cruises, or whale watching trips.
Other popular tourist areas are Kaanapali, Napili-Honokawai, Kahana, Napili, Kapalua, Kihei and Wailea-Mokena.
Some local innkeepers on the island are so compassionate and effective at nurturing their guests, they become essentially servants of the collective highest good.
They exude a kind of integrity that is almost three-dimensional.
We asked Cheri Attix, Innkeeper of the Hale Ho'Okipa Inn Makawao, a bed and breakfast property in Maui, Hawaii, to share her definition of contentment: "It is knowing that I am living my life to the best of my ability I have a very strong spiritual foundation.
I need to feel connected.
I do art, I meditate, and I eat well.
" Cheri continues, "I've been an innkeeper for 16 years, and have dealt with a lot of people.
Innkeeping has taught me how to be open to see what someone has to offer.
I don't label people.
I am very open.
I stay present with them.
" Some people may not be aware that travel can transform their life, for it is in discovering new places that we perceive ideas and imagery that aids us in comprehending and interpreting our environment.
When we cross the waters to a tropical land, we can temporarily leave behind our identities and relationships of the past, and can ponder on a future we might want to imagine for ourselves.
It is irrefutable that in taking a getaway to Maui we will become much richer for it - for the adventure will breathe creative and intelligent new concepts into the conversation of our lives.
Cheri Attix told me, "I used to take high power female executives on hiking tours.
I noticed how they were processing their life on fast forward.
As we hiked throughout the day, their process began to unfold.
They were looking at the comparison between their current stressful life and the possibility of other options.
They saw the stress level they were living was not sustainable.
When they came to Hawaii they were able to see their true priorities and how to live a good life.
It was a game changer for them.
They saw a glimpse, an 'aha' moment, into other choices.
" Cheri continued, "They realized they could give themselves a more balanced life.
Taking time for introspection and for more healthful experiences was a stress reliever.
" Some innkeepers seem to be graced by the elegance and sensitive understanding of a wise grandmother.
They are far from being ignorant or clueless about the vicissitudes of life.
"A couple came to my inn after a prolonged illness and the death of their son," said Cheri, Innkeeper of Hale Ho'Okipa Inn Makawao.
"We shared Christmas dinner together.
A few years later they returned, and introduced their new baby boy.
" "Many musicians and artists come to Maui and get inspired," observes Cheri.
"They have performed impromptu concerts at our inn.
We once had a couple with a Swedish string instrument who serenaded guests.
Banjo musicians sometimes come and play.
" "There is spontaneous sharing at breakfast time," remarks Cheri.
"It is often multicultural.
Interesting improvisations take place.
We can have a couple from New Jersey, and a couple from India.
It makes for interesting conversations.
" Continues Cheri, "They tend to share their experiences in Hawaii, their life at home, what is important to them culturally, how they live their daily lives, and how they take vacations.
Europeans tend to take six week vacations and Americans, who tend to rush, take shorter ones.
" Many small bed and breakfast inns in Maui have grounds and facilities that are peaceful and relaxing to the eyes.
A welcoming atmosphere is evident throughout.
Maui, with its tropical island location, has some of the best sunsets and sunrises imaginable.
Some inns are reminiscent of a bygone era.
The beautiful settings along with great service make Maui a destination of unsurpassed charm.
Upon arrival, hosts usually check in guests and explain the breakfast particulars.
At breakfast the next day, the hosts customarily familiarize newly arrived guests with the property, and share other details, including activities available in Maui.
The innkeepers are typically known for their hospitality and attention to vacation needs.
A Maui bed and breakfast inn is recommended to anyone who wants a good dose of serenity, and relaxation.
Unwind on porches or just gaze at beautiful gardens.
It is a place where you can spend easy times in good conversation with friends and other guests.
SUMMARY: Maui bed and breakfast inns are generally a lovely blend of warm service, sumptuous breakfasts, and home-style charm.
Accommodating innkeepers, comfortable rooms, exceptional locations, and excellent value make for a pleasant B & B experience.
ROOMS: Rooms are normally comfortable, airy and inviting.
Relaxing beds are provided along with hairdryers.
There is often free WiFi.
Remnants of historic relics of the past, heirlooms, and local furnishings are by and large evident throughout the properties, and provide a glimpse into Maui's history and culture.
Some innkeepers have been collecting local art for years and pieces are displayed in the rooms and common areas of their properties.
In addition to the comfort, rooms are habitually clean with casual design and furniture.
Some properties have gardens, fruit trees, lanais and enormous Norfolk pine trees.
SERVICE: If you stay at a Maui bed and breakfast, expect to receive gracious service with a warm smile.
The owners/innkeepers are well known for their efficient service and willingness to help plan activities or excursions.
The innkeepers are very knowledgeable about the area and provide helpful suggestions to all of their guests.
Some can also help with real estate questions.
AMENITIES: The inns are known for providing exceptional breakfasts that are artfully presented.
Some properties have their own hens and guests are invited to select and cook their eggs.
Seasonal fresh fruit from property gardens or neighborhood markets, local jams and jellies, nut butters, and locally baked bread are also served.
Innkeepers are very accommodating to those with special dietary needs such as gluten intolerance.
Covered lanais, and gazebos are ideal reading areas for visitors.
The large common area living rooms are peaceful spaces.
Some inns have an extensive library of different books and magazines.
Topics include Hawaiian history, culture and points of interest.
LOCATION: Many locations are ideal for those who want to feel they are in a quiet getaway, yet still within walking distance of the historic district.
Some inns are only a few minutes from the shopping district.
There are well-established galleries where guests can purchase jewelry, ceramics, textiles, paintings, or antiques just to name a few.
Performing arts centers, spas, dining, parks, attractions, and cultural activities are just a short distance from some inns.
The proximity to hiking, horseback riding, walking, biking and water activities provide incomparable value.
CLEANLINESS: Maui bed and breakfast inns are known to be clean, especially the guestrooms.
Some have grounds and gardens that are organic and maintained.
Overall everything, including the town, is quite eclectic.
VALUE: Compared to a standard hotel room, a bed and breakfast inn provides an excellent alternative.
The niceties, friendly conversation between guests and attentiveness of the innkeeper make the difference.

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