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Keys of Conflict Theory


    • Conflict theory states that a group--or members of several groups--within a society struggle to increase their benefits within that society. That struggle eventually results in social change that benefits all of society.


    • Conflict theory is an explanation that tries to disprove functionalism, which states that all groups within a society function as a whole, each playing their specific part.


    • Conflict theory is applicable to social groups, political groups, or even ideas, such as the difference between capitalism and communism. It states that those in power make laws that keep them in power, which causes those without power to rebel.


    • Conflict theory results because there is a scarce amount of resources available, creating competition, which creates inequality. This inequality leads to conflict between the social classes, resulting in revolutionary change or all out war until change occurs.

    Conflict Methods

    • Within conflict theory, methods of conflict are physical warfare, unions striking against employers, economic classes bringing petitions to remove the elite from office, females protesting lower wages, and minorities clamoring for equality.

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