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Wordpress Installation Services

When it comes to installing wordpress, many people get confused, and become a suffer of information overload! If you try going it alone, you can soon be put to a halt by some technological information or skills required. Countless people have ruined their website, or Cpanel through installing too many wordpress sites for one domain, or by putting in some incorrect code. Let's face it, website hosting doesn't always come cheap, and this sort of situation should be dealt with carefully. There's no point in rushing this step, it would be much more beneficial to you, to take your time, and have a successful, good looking wordpress site up, instead of an error message!

Some web hosting companies allow you to easily install wordpress, this is a simple action to perform. Usually, you will receive your own Cpanel when signing up for your new hosting account. You should be emailed your login details and Cpanel url, so that you can access your hosting account. Then, within your Cpanel, there should be either a wordpress icon displayed somewhere on the page, or, it could be inside an application called Fantastico, or Fantastico Deluxe. Once you go inside fantastico, you should see an icon or link for wordpress, simply click on that and go to the next page. On this page you will see some fields you need to fill in about your website. You can set your admin and password here, and then setup your site.

For a lot of people, these actions can be quite difficult to perform, and they make mistakes. You can't afford to make these mistakes, otherwise, you won't be able to set up your wordpress site. So what can you do? Some companies offer to handle all this for you, and in some cases they even do it for FREE! Yeah, you read that right free! They will need some details from you, and once they receive them, they will login to your Cpanel, and install wordpress exactly as you want it.

One company which is becoming more and more popular with a WordPress installation service is Muchpress. They offer total installation, and even some additional extras which can highly benefit your wordpress site, and even get it visible in the search engines, and rank it for your chosen keywords! Plus, if you are hosted with their sister brand Nest Hosting, they will do all of this for FREE! Now that is a bargain.

But, do not fear, if you aren't hosted with Nest Hosting, they still offer all the same services for a minimal price. You get ,Fast Installation And Configuration, Ultra Fast Caching Plugin and Basic SEO Optimization! There isn't another service that offers all these additional extras on the net! So you can be up and running in no time is you use Muchpress for you wordpress needs. Websites always need to be laid on good foundations, and that is exactly what you get when you deal with Muchpress, a solid, secure and safe foundation

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