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Aspen Ski Resort

One of the most popular ski resorts, Aspen is nestled in Pitkin County in Colorado, USA.
It was earlier founded as a mining camp and has now been turned into an upscale tourist destination with celebrities flocking the town to spend some time alone.
The town is also known as a romantic holiday destination and weekend getaway and is famous for its catered chalets in America.
The chalets in Aspen look like a traditional Alpine chalet but provide in house cafeterias and restaurants.
But Aspen caters to everyone and not just celebrities.
So if you planning to visit don't worry, there are both cheap hotels and luxury chalets.
In Aspen, ski resorts offer several deals which are sought after by the regular tourists.
The deals on hotels range from the ones which offer a good price range to the ones that are really expensive & are meant only for the wealthy and the celebrities.
In Aspen you could feel and sense heaven and we would like you to experience it through our tours.
The trip would be incomplete without staying and going through a countrified chalet to feel the snow at your feet or experiencing the life of a rich movie star in the luxurious catered chalets.
Without doubt, the chalets in Aspen offer a wide spectrum of experiences especially for an international traveller.
Aspen also includes three ski areas that include Aspen, Snowmass, Buttermilk and Aspen Highlands, and are known for facilities that subsumes lift rides, restaurants, Olympic-sized super pipe, and a gondola plazas.
Just like any other famous town of the world, Aspen too is more than just a ski resort.
Also well known for its snow capped mountains and beautiful locations which attract snowboarders who are into proper snow based sports and regularly come here to prepare for winter Olympics.
Being a well known ski destination, Aspen has become one of the most fashionable travel destinations and is also a premier ski area.
But it is not just winters that sees flood of tourists, the summer turns Aspen into recreational and hiking address.
Spring and fall are nothing less than astonishing too! Next time you decide to visit Aspen, come prepared for fun, even if you are not completely prepared for the beautiful mountains and amazing people you might meet! Being a famous ski destination, ski areas, instructors and equipment for hire are easily available and you are made to feel welcome at the ski resorts.
It won't be about skiing only though.
For the adventure seeker there is several other snow-related activities like dog sledding, snowmobiling, and guided snowshoe circuits.
So when the days get shorter and temperature plummet below zero degrees Celsius, head to Aspen to mingle with the who's who of the Hollywood and feel like a superstar.

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