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Web Design Interview Tips

    Keeping Up

    • Be prepared to talk about the industry blogs and publications you read regularly. This demonstrates your passion for web design and that you keep up with the latest techniques and trends, says the SEOmoz website (Reference 1).

    Writing Code

    • Answer technical questions about popular coding languages and to manually code a basic website to prove you can write without using web design software and use tags properly, says SEOmoz. Your interviewer may ask you to write html for a make-believe website from beginning to end and look for missing or misuse of tags. Be prepared to provide code samples for projects you’ve already completed to prove you didn’t just learn how to code for the purpose of the interview. Your interviewer may also give you a sample of broken code and ask you to correct the errors.

    Providing Ideas

    • Look at the site the company already has, research the audience and offer redesign and improvement ideas at the interview. If you have time, come up with two or three design concepts online to show the employer. Knowing the audience is key to successful design. If the company markets to the retirement crowd, for example, who isn’t likely to buy the latest computer model every time one hits store shelves, you’ll want a design that loads quickly on older platforms and has a simple, conservative and yet technologically up-to-date navigation and style.

    Your Portfolio

    • Choose 12 to 14 of your best sites that show off all the latest design methods and technologies, says the Design Dump website (Reference 2). Make sure your sites look the same across all the latest browsers and fix any broken links. Find out the browser and version your employer is using and make sure your samples display and function properly on that platform. Don’t show sites that require downloading a plugin to see and operate.

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