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Love Tips For Men - What to Do When You Are Lovestruck Over a Woman

I think every one of us men has been lovestruck over a woman at some point in time.
Many guys have this happen many times over.
However, most guys do not end up with the woman that they are so fond of.
More often they not, they end up feeling a little bit confused over how they could have and should have acted to make her feel the same way.
This is really very common and should not alarm you at all.
And the good thing is, you can easily learn the proper ways to make a woman feel the same for you in return.
You just have to keep in mind that it does take some effort to make these changes in how you act around a woman.
So, what are some love tips for men that are completely hung up on a woman: 1.
Give yourself some options.
I know how it feels to have that one woman in mind, but you cannot just set your sights on her and no one else.
There are many good reasons for this.
Women are naturally attracted to men that seem to be good with women.
If you set your sights only on that one woman, then you kind of lose that appeal.
And another thing is that when you DO get hung up on just one girl, it becomes too important for you to win her over.
Don't be a carbon copy of every other man out there.
If you really want to win over that woman that you have fallen for, then you cannot come across like the average everyday guys that she runs into all of the time.
You have to do something else, something a bit different to really make an impression on her.
And you DO have to make a lasting impression on a woman IF you want to be able to go the distance and make her want YOU.
Take her down from the pedestal.
Guys, I think you know where I'm going with this one.
When you really get hung up on a woman, you have a tendency to make her seem almost PERFECT in your mind.
The problem is that she almost becomes intimidating if you see her this way.
You have to take her down from her pedestal in your mind.
You have to realize that she really is no different than you, just perhaps a bit prettier.

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