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Floral Rugs And Its Stylish Variants

Traditional Floral Rugs
Even the floral rugs may belong to different genre and may actually serve different purpose. The traditional area rugs had intricate patterns of flowers. They may come in many different colors and shades. Most of the oriental and Persian rugs have floral designs which are intricately woven.
Impeccable Contemporary Floral Rugs
Modern interior designers have taken area rugs to a new level. They have eye-catchy floral designs which make them ideal for modern flooring. There are even some carved area rugs which have the patterns of flowers and leaves carved on them.
If you are planning to choose these rugs for your living room or guest room, make sure you select sober shades.
Flower Shaped Kids Rugs
There are many colorful flower shaped kids rugs. These usually come in bold and lively colors. Children love such colors. These colors help them be more active.
These area rugs may be a bit difficult to maintain as these have curved and complex shape.
Floral Print Educational Rugs
You can even use area rugs to help kids get familiar with the various common flowers. This will help them learn colors and names of flowers at a much faster pace. You should select colors which are lively so that it retains the childs interest.
Going for educational home decor is one of the best ways to get your child familiarized with the various types of flowers.
Floral Print Tropical Rugs
Tropical rugs are rugs which have the scenes of the tropical areas drawn on them. These tropical rugs have images of flowers of the tropical origin. These help to create a very lively ambiance in the living room and guest room.
Floral Eco-friendly Rugs
These are area rugs made from eco-friendly materials. These do not have any toxic effect on the environment. You must go for these area rugs for your flooring if you believe in sustainable living.
These rugs are usually made from cotton or wool. They may either be manually woven or machine made. There are numerous options even in natural floral rugs.
Ways to use Floral Rugs in Your Home Interiors
There are various ways in which you can make use of floral rugs to redefine your home interiors. Here are some simple tips and suggestions which may help you.
oYou can use floral rugs to give a spring theme to your home interiors.
oFloral rugs usually have many colors. These patterns can help you hide filth and dirt. These rugs do not easily look shabby.
oYou may even opt for these floral rugs if you wish to give a tropical theme to your home.
oIf the floral rugs get old, you may even use these to make eye-catchy tapestries.

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