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The Truth About Enchanted Love and Our Search For It

Ahh Love, our hearts crave it, our bodies long for it, and our souls desire it.
 We watch the love stories and cry at times and often dream of our enchanted love.
 We know the movies are a fantasy and this kind of love is not realistic and yet we long for a love that beautiful.
  Over and over I see questions, forums, and women on the street ask where a love like that exists.
 I often wondered that myself until I really sat down and examined my own expectations and desires.
 It is there that I found that it wasn't about prince charming on his white steed there to rescue me.
 It wasn't about the perfect love that surpasses any boundary to save me from myself.
 So, if it is not those things then what still draws me still to those movies and the fantasy?   I found a trueness of what I desired and it wasn't the storyline or plot.
 It was the look, the touch, the kiss.
 Love is not perfect and most likely someone will not come rescue you from the depths of despair, but when a man touches your cheek, looks into your eyes with truth, and with love kisses your lips that to me is one true expression of love.
    I don't need the steed, I don't need to be rescued, and I don't need anyone to take care of me.
 I have always been strong in this resolve and my needs and desires are just to be loved.
 For someone to look me in the eye and with a soft touch and a light kiss fill my heart with joy.
 That is not too much to ask right?   My life is hectic, stressful at times, and often I am always on the go.
 Meeting my husband was one of the best things to ever happen to me.
 I fell in love with who he was and not what he was.
 I found my own version of enchanted love and it didn't come with all the frills of the movies.
 Our love is not perfect and yet in my heart I know he is my love.
 When he takes the moment to stop and just look at me with love, or when he kisses me gently and speaks the words of love to me I feel enchanted and alive.
    My fairy tale is full of bills, family issues, hectic schedules, and just crazy on the go times.
 My fairy tale is not perfect and to live happily ever after to me means I fight for what I have and I don't compromise who I am.
 I accept those imperfections and rough times because I know that my fairy tale is full of blessings and love.
    True enchanted love is not found in the movies, but what they do give us is the idea of a soft love.
 One that stops in the middle of hectic imperfection and says I love you.
 It is the love that gives a soft kiss to a woman because they just want her to feel loved and cherished.
 Most importantly it is a love that beyond all imperfections is strong and brings out the best in which you are.
  Accept the love you have, love others with passion, and let love into your heart.
 Understand that it will be imperfect, but the beauty of love is in its imperfections.
 Be honest in your love and don't give in to the jealousy, don't let past pains destroy the love inside, don't give in to the fear of love, and never give in to giving up who you are just to obtain love.
 Only then can you find the enchanted love that resides in your heart.

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