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Top 5 Factors That Cause Acne

Besides of knowing what is the right acne remedy for you, it is also important that you know why and how you get such a skin condition.
Though it is know by many people that the excessive production of sebum leads to the formation of acne, it is necessary that you know the possible factors that set off a bad skin for you to be able to avoid these.
It is always better to prevent than to cure.
Some people in the field would say that dirt is not the main reason of acne.
However, when the oil is clogged by the dead skin in the pores and when the bacteria stayed in there, then the acne would grow.
Dirt of course, has a lot of bacteria.
It is important that you keep your face fresh and clean.
Some studies have proven that stress can cause acne.
The brain releases some hormones when you are stressed.
These hormones stimulate the performance of your sebaceous glands and thus, it produces more sebum.
This one is more complicated to cure.
Acne can be passed from generation to generation.
However, almost everyone experience having acne no matter it is hereditary or not.
This happens especially to women whenever they are having their monthly period.
Since they have a hormonal imbalance, it could really lead to more production of the sebum.
Some cosmetics have a lot of oil.
Your face as you know already has its natural oil which leads to acne.
So what more if you add oil into it? However, there are some cosmetics that are specialized for sensitive skin.
Such are oil free and are okay to use even if you are experiencing acne.
Here are just some of the factors that cause your acne.
However, there are more.
And having the right Acne Remedy that would really work well to you is very helpful to avoid it.

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