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Ready to buy a ferret?

Not quite sure where to go to buy a ferret? Many people looking to purchase a ferret, for the first time, have this problem. And browsing the yellow pages searching under "ferret stores" doesn't help either.

Actually, once you start to search for your new ferret, you will find several places where you can buy a new adorable ferret. Where you look will depend on a few things, not the least of which is your own priorities. Pet stores as well as breeders are the two usual places that people tend to look.

Pet stores are most popular choice for first time owners, for the simple fact that they do not know of any other place to go. If you decide to go to a pet store, be sure that they give you a health guarantee. If that specific store does not offer a health guarantee, do not take the ferret home, find another store. Pet shops with a good reputation will want to keep up that reputations, so they will always offer these guarantees. Just remember that quality standard levels of pet shops can vary. For instance, a good quality store will advise its workers to play with the ferrets frequently to help keep them socialized. This helps them learn how to behave towards you, when you walk in see them. In lower quality pet stores, the staff members pretty much ignore the ferrets, except for providing them with food and water. The ferrets do not get enough human interaction, therefore. they do not learn the right way to react when a prospective parent comes in to see them.

Make sure that you stop by the pet store at least two or three times before choosing a pet, this way you see how consistent they are with the care of the ferrets. You can and should evaluate a pet store by its cages. The cages should be neat and clean, In fact, the entire store must be pretty organized and clean. If you do not consider the store to be clean enough, then it probably isn't. That usually means that the health of all the animals are likely at risk. My suggestion would be to go somewhere else to find your adorable new friend.

Breeders, are the most popular choice for the experienced ferret parent, since this person has already gone through the process of choosing a ferret and may have a couple of connections in the ferret world. You may also be able to find ferrets through private individuals. Although, if you are considering purchasing two or more ferrets, it is usually best to get them from the same source right from the beginning. This will make it easier for the ferrets to interact and get along, virtually eliminating the need for painful introductions or any lengthy quarantine sessions.

And don't worry. No matter where you choose to go to acquire you new pet, you will more than likely to end up with an easily adaptable ferret. It just seems to be in their nature. As long as you spend lots of time with them, have patience, and shower them with love you will get along just great.

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