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School Health Advisory Council Ideas

    Diverse Membership

    • Ideally, a school health advisory council should be comprised of a diverse membership. Instead of just having this council headed by a school nurse and filled with some teachers who care about health, select members of all ages, inviting student-athletes along with other health-minded pupils and even health conscious community members to join the ranks. By establishing a diverse council, you can increase the degree to which your council members represent the members of the school community they are serving.

    Community Education Events

    • Instead of just promoting health within the school, encourage the development of healthy lifestyles for all members of your community by planning and hosting community education events. Plan a health or fitness fair for your community, holding the event on a Saturday and offering an assortment of enticing activities that will get community members in the door including fitness-themed games, carnival-style activities and enjoyable games.

    Rewarding Healthy Living

    • Make your encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle more enticing by rewarding those who embody principles of health within your school. Set up an incentive system for healthy eating and exercise, and allow your school staff and students to take part. Offer incentives for things like participating in sporting activities, losing weight or making healthy choices for lunch. Create a system for those who participate in this incentive program to inform you of their healthy practices, such as a form that they can fill out and submit upon completion of the health-bolstering activities.

    Classroom Program Creation

    • Take the message of the power of healthy living into the classroom by creating and implementing classroom programs. As a council, come up with different instructional programs on topics including eating right and exercising. As you prepare these programs, select intended ages for each. Create a brochure featuring the programs you are offering, and distribute it to teachers, allowing them to select and request programs to be presented to their students.

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