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Cavalhadas of Pirenópolis

Forty days after Easter, throughout Brazil, but particularly in the city of Pirenópolis, Goïás, the celebrations of the i]Festa do Divino Espírito Santo, or Ascension, include the commemoration of the medieval victory of Iberian Christian knights over the Moors.

An historic town, Pirenópolis preserves its colonial architecture in churches and civil buildings. During the three days of the Cavalhadas celebrations, Pirenópolis resembles a medieval Iberian city.

Cavalcades, jousts, tournaments, festivals and dances, the Cavalhadas, congadas, mascardos, tapirios and pastorinhos take place in medieval costume, with the hightlight being the mock battle, performed in the city's bullring. The Moors, of course, are defeated and convert to Christianity.

The Festas de Cavalhadas feature a parade beginning with a bugle fanfare announcing the knight's pages, then the mounted knights displaying their colors. Wearing fantastic paper-maché helmets, the Crhistian knights wear blue, the Moors wear red.

And everone has a great time!

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