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Camelops Facts


Camelops (Greek for "camel face"); pronounced CAM-ell-ops


Plains of North America

Historical Epoch:

Pleistocene-Modern (2 million-10,000 years ago)

Size and Weight:

About 7 feet tall and 500-1,000 pounds



Distinguishing Characteristics:

Large size; thick trunk with long neck


About Camelops:

Camelops is famous for two reasons: first, this was the last prehistoric camel to be indigenous to North America (until it was hunted to extinction by human settlers about 10,000 years ago), and second, a fossil specimen was unearthed in 2007 during excavations for a Wal-Mart store in Arizona (hence this individual's informal name, the Wal-Mart Camel).

Lest you think Wal-Mart might appropriate Camelops as its official greeter, fear not: the remains of this megafauna mammal were donated for further study to nearby Arizona State University.

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